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    Default Doin' the deed while skydiving

    I have officially seen it all now.

    Let's get started with the jokes, shall we?

    1. "OWWW! That is NOT the ripcord!"

    2. "Well, honey, we covered the Mile-High Club, the Half-Mile High Club, and the Quarter-Mile High Club all in two minutes."

    3. "Well, Mr. Speedy, we certainly had plenty of time to release the parachute."
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    First: The media spin is a bit ridiculous.. highlighting the fact that the cops were involved, implying disbelief that no charges were being filed..etc. OH NO, SEX! Smite them!
    Second: "The teenage boy was disturbed by the image of the woman".. seriously?
    Third: There did they both find crotchless jumpsuits?

    A porn star and a hot secretary both work for a sky diving company.. what did you THINK would happen? That's a better script then most of his movies, I'd imagine.
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