My department is trying to figure out a system for documenting who ran what call. We're a rural department with a 336 square mile area that responds to MVA's and medical calls, both as a first responder and as a transport agency. As of today, we have run over 2,300 calls and climbing. We respond from 3 stations, 1 main central station and 2 outposts that are little more than a prefabbed metal shed. Response is allowed in Personnally Owned Vehicles and is widely practiced by many members.

We are looking for a methond of accounting for who ran a call without a support from the main station. "Swinging by the station" is impractical is impractical for most of our members as they are spread so wide across our district. Some members can go as long as a week before they come by the station for the next meeting, and that is too long for someone to drop off the run sheet that we already issue.

With the electronic age around us, surely there is an internet of phone driven system that will assist us. Anyone have any ideas that will work.