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    Default Question regarding the CPAT test

    I am planing to take the CPAT test, is there any recommendations or suggestions on prepareing and taking the test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFG View Post
    I am planing to take the CPAT test, is there any recommendations or suggestions on prepareing and taking the test.
    If you search, there has been many other threads in regards to this.

    Work on your legs and upper body. Walk/jog several flights of stairs or find a steep hill, and do so with weight in a back pack or two (one on back, one on front... for balance). If you can get off the stair mill without jello legs, you should be okay.

    Setup a mock CPAT. And just remember if you get tired... It's a possibility of a fantastic career for 10 minutes of work (or less!!!)

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    If you have the cash to spare I would recommend a 50lb weighted vest. They're easier to jog in which will help you prepare for not only CPAT, but the recruit school you'll hopefully be entering after.

    If not the backpack method mentioned above works well for stair climbing. Your only going to be on the Stair Climber for 3:20, but to prepare you should be doing two 10:00 minute sessions with a 5:00 minute break in between them. Do this at a parking garage 2 or 3 times a week, it's free and fantastic preparation. For a full CPAT breakdown visit http://www.candidatephysicalabilityt...success-guide/ and checkout the CPAT success guide.

    Remember, don't quit preparing after you pass the CPAT. You could be waiting 3 or 4 months to hear back while the written and oral boards finish up. That is plenty of time to fall out of shape. Don't be that guy on the first day of recruit training. Nobody likes that guy.

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