Hello Everyone,

My name is Cody Daniels and I am in Signal 51 Group for Shreveport Fire Department. I am not a firefighter or emt, only a fire buff. I go to most fires that happen in Shreveport and hand out water, gatorade, snacks, etc. to the firefighters and emts. I also shoot some great quality of videos. I already have a small accumulation of videos that will only get bigger.

Check out my YouTube Channel: www.YouTube.com/DanielsSFD

**Here are the best videos**

Brush Fire - Interport Drive

House Fire - Hoyte Drive

Brush Fire - Mansfield Road

Engine 17 and Medic 17 Responding

Brush Fire - Southland Park Drive

Station 17 - Special Tribute to 9/11

House Fire - Chaparral Lane

More great videos are coming as well!

Any comments, questions, or thoughts about me or my videos? Just ask, I don't mind.