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    Quote Originally Posted by ADC120 View Post
    I have made a submission to NFPA, and here is the wording I used.

    NFPA 1901
    Proposal (include proposed new or revised wording, or identification of wording to be deleted): A seatbelt warning system shall be provided in vehicles with seating positions behind the driver.

    Statement of Problem and Substantiation for Proposal: Having an audible & visual indicator of seat belt usage in vehicles with two doors featuring either two bucket seats or one bench seat (typically commercial chassis) is an unnecessary expense to the purchasing fire department. All seating positions in these type cabs, are clearly visible to the driver or officer.

    Bear in mind, this does not remove the VDR, just the screen & alarms.

    Maybe this will get some results, only time will tell!
    Since this makes sense....they probably won't accept it. Seriously though, good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADC120 View Post
    Bear in mind, this does not remove the VDR, just the screen & alarms.
    That may be the downfall of the proposal. I'm guessing but I suspect that the alarm is the least of the cost issue. Monitoring seatbelt use and documenting it for the VDR is probably where most of the cost is incurred. Even if you omitted the alarm on the basis that the driver can see whether or not the belt is fastened, it would still need to be monitored for the VDR.
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    While it might be a small cost, I figure its worth one lay of attack line or other equipment. Every dime helps these days! Plus its one less thing to get broken.

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