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    The impact is too high for an object from inside the car, the angle just isn't right for a crash of that speed. There's no way it's from the pole or a bollard, the windshield wasn't close enough to hit. I seriously doubt a fire extinguisher would bounce back enough to hit the windshield, that column would have to have a lot of spring to it.
    I have to think that it has to be from a passenger, barring any other information.

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    I am very pleased with how this Thread went and appreciate everyone who weighed in on this scenario.

    In this specific case, the windshield spiderweb was from an unrestrained teenage passenger front seat occupant. His forward momentum caused the high laminated glass impact. It is actually bowed out a bit from his forehead hitting the glass.

    Typically, a passenger's side airbag spiderweb would have been lower on the glass and probably resulted in a larger fracture pattern. A UFO from outside, such as the fire extinguisher, could be determined if the glass breakage was pushed inward and not bowed out like this one is. Good eye for those of you who looked into that possibility.

    The critical teaching point for this or any "spiderweb" incident you have in your files is that there are three 'suspect causes' on the passenger side that could have caused the spiderweb; occupant, airbag, and UFO. There are just two 'suspects' to consider on the driver's side however. The difference is that a driver's frontal airbag deployment won't be on the right angle enough to cause a windshield airbag spiderweb above the column. Look for an unbelted driver or a UFO if you have this kind of damage on the driver's side.
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