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    Quote Originally Posted by FWDbuff View Post
    We are also one of the last Fire Companies in Montgomery County Pa. that provides full-service EMS.
    Does that mean they get fries with that?
    So you call this your free country
    Tell me why it costs so much to live

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    Well after a year plus we are finally getting a county ambulance back. It was the county's decision to take it out of our station in the first place with no real reasoning behind it. Our biggest problem is staffing since we do not have sufficient numbers to staff it. I'm not sure how this is going to play out but it will be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChathamVFD9921 View Post
    Fire Departments are not a social club, contrary to popular belief.
    No! Say it ain't so!
    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bones42 View Post
    Minimum crew is 2 EMT's and they will go with up to 5 members on the rig at times.
    Ahh yes, the volley trolley!

    The hospital covers daytime with two rigs and the volunteer ems cover at night.

    The FD responds on accidents with injuries and will drive an ambulance from time to time. No requirement on the FD to be trained for EMS in any fashion.
    I am now a past chief and the views, opinions, and comments are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for any department or in any official capacity. Although, they would be smart to listen to me.

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