I have been tasked to come up with ideas for Safety Topics that will be sent to all three shifts and each station will use this as a starting point for a safety talk each set. The idea is all three shifts be on the same page each week and the topic come from the dept with a common theme. The topic for each set will be on our Outlook calendar and have a link to any required reading (an article, SOG or LODD review) and several important bullets to disscuss. This is can then be easily accessed by our members and after the saftey talk (which will be done as a crew) a training sheet will be filed. Now the hard part, coming up with enough interesting ideas to attempt to put out a calendar for one full year, maybee two. I am asking all of you what do you feel are important saftey topics, what are you lacking in current saftey procedures or what would you like to teach to your department. Thanks in advance for any feedback.