I am fairly new to this leadership stuff. I was recently promoted to a Captain this past year and it has been a learning experience. My question to other officers is this. I have a firefighter who has 18 years of service. He was once a supervisor but decided not to pursue that supervisor role since he always had a bullseye on his back. He did his work, he got in trouble. He did what he was told, he got in trouble. One day a long time before I started my FF and the brass had a little come to jesus session and since then, the bullseye is gotten bigger. He recently was on leave for medical reasons and when he returned I assigned him to drive. The other day I was told by my BC that he could not drive. When I ask him whats the reason? He said because the brass said to. I do not feel "because I said" is a good enough reason. I feel with 18 years he deserves to drive the majority of the time and he is a good engineer (we staff 3- 1 captain and 2 firefighters and we are a combination department). I know other captains have told me they DO NOT let their junior FF drive unless they are off or the senior FF is off. I feel that this is a personal attack to my FF and have stated this to my Battalion Chief. I feel that my brass wants my FF to prove himself that he is 100%. I feel that this is BS cause of the fact that there are a few members that I know that are not 100% and they say cannot suit up but still receive a check even though they are not full time. Both job descriptions are the same regardless if they are full time or volly's. My FF told me that they can **** off and he WILL refuse to drive. What do I do or how can I handle this problem.