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    Question Scott Tracker system

    I am looking for and department that is using or has used the Sott Tracker system. I am looking for opionions on this system and how effective it is. Any info you can share we be very helpful.

    Thanks and Stay Safe,

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    You mean Paktracker?

    Works pretty well. They now have the tracker integrated with their TIC which is a GREAT idea.

    Get ahold of a Scott rep and have them give you a demo. Rep from local users likely to mean more than from someone 1500mi away.

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    Love the concept - hate the ones not integrated into the airpack. The ones that just clip to the side of your pack are a PAIN IN THE @$$.

    If you don't have the key with you and someone takes their pack off and you turn off the airpack and the PASS device you still have the packtracker going off.

    I am sure the integrated packtracker is awesome but not a fan of the "add-on" packtracker device.
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