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Thread: hello!!

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    Default hello!!

    Glad to be on firehouse.com. So great to have a place to discuss topics on the firefighting world. I am 27 years old and have been working on getting a full time career in the fire service for about 2 years now. I just finished my first wildland fire season with the U.S. National Park Service. Was great experience but so glad its over for now. Lately, I have been studying for my National E.M.T. test and have been training and runnng calls with my volunteer fire dept(Farmersville Fire Dept.) Missed the city fire life. I have a question that I hope some of you can answer. I took and passed the emt test lastyear(2010) of the fall semester. Now I know that I have two years to pass the test. So is that two years from when the class started, or from when the class ended? Another thing; what if I fail the test all three times. Do I have to do the refresher before the two years? I am asking this because I am planning to do the fire1 academy next spring semester of 2012. If I fail all three times and have to do the refresher before the two years, i'm going to cancel the fire1 academy and just do it the next the fall 2012 semester. hope some of you can answer my question. thanks alot!!

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    Good to have you aboard. As far as your ems question I could not tell you but I'm sure one of the boys knows the answer.
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    I was an EMT-Basic for about 6 years. If you are talking about the National Registry Test then I want to say its two years after completion of the course. Also, if you fail three times I believe you have to go through the whole class again. It maybe just a refresher but your Basic Instructor should be able to tell you the specifics on that.

    Just give you some advise about the test. Dont fail it. Just study and It should be fine. Its not that hard. Just remember everything on the test is whats in the book and not in the field.

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    From my experience(not personal, people I have worked with) it is upon graduation of the class.

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