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    Default emt national exam question

    I have a question that I hope some of you can answer. I took and passed the emt test lastyear(2010) of the fall semester. Now I know that I have two years to pass the test. So is that two years from when the class started, or from when the class ended? Another thing; what if I fail the test all three times. Do I have to do the refresher before the two years? I am asking this because I am planning to do the fire1 academy next spring semester of 2012. If I fail all three times and have to do the refresher before the two years, i'm going to cancel the fire1 academy and just do it the next the fall 2012 semester. hope some of you can answer my question. thanks alot!!

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    Well you should be able to know how long two years is and its from the time of completion.

    If you fail three times you will need to take a 24-hr refresher course to get three more tries basically.
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    So are you going to take the test as soon as possible???

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    Buy the practice test books and study your brains out so you don't need the other chances, those investsments are worth their weight in gold.

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    I take the EMT basic exam next week. I bought 2 test prep books and they have done wonders. I feel very confident and excited about taking the test

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