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    Default ok to be inbetween spreaders and vehicle??

    Was doing vehicle extracation training today. i noticed the guy on the spreaders was using the tool right handed which made him inbetween the tool and the vehicle. I thought that was a big no no. so i said something to someone about it. they said sometimes you have no choice because it would be awkward to do it left handed when you are right handed. i simply do not agree with that. i say if you are right handed, learn to do it with you left. what do you brothers think?

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    Try as much as possible to not be between the spreaders and the door.

    Is it always possible? Should it never happen?

    Guess what 2 words should not be used in real life....."always" and "never".

    and you are right...learn to use the tools right handed and left handed.
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    I agree with Bones. Sometimes it's not possible to stay out from between the spreaders and the door. That being said, it was training. What better time to practice using the tool left handed, or try different techniquest that don't require you to be between the tool and the vehicle.

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    We live in an imperfect world. Ideally, you want to be on the "outside" of the tool. Sometimes it isn't practical (and most of the time it doesn't make any difference anyway).
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    Agree with the majority. Never say never. Training is a great time to try new ideas and techniques. Common sense dictates not to stand between the veh and tools but things always come up. There sould not be a right handed/left handed way of thinking. We must learn to be ambidextrious at times.

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    While I agree wholehartedly that you should learn to use tools w/ both hands & you should always try to not be between the tool & the vehicle (as has been said already) - sometimes that just isn't possile.

    The one caveat I have is that any time someone holding a tool is between the tool & the vehicle it should be the tool operator. In the instance of 2 man jaws or where someone else is working around the tool - the only person in the "pinch zone" should be the operator and only when unavoidable.

    Otherwise I agree with Bones you should always remember that you can never say "always" & "never"
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