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    Default Phil Ackland Hood, Duct & Suppression System Seminar

    I am posting this to see if there is any interest among Missouri Fire Dept Prevention/Code Enforcement Personnel in attending this course.
    Our department "may" be hosting this seminar in the spring (March or April timeframe), and we can get a maximum of 30 students in the class, so I am currently trying to gauge the level of interest in attending.
    The cost of the course will be about $415 per attendee for a class size of 20, but could have a maximum class size of 30.

    Details on the class are below:

    • This 2-day class will increase understanding, application and proper cleaning, fire suppression servicing and inspection techniques in kitchen-equipped facilities. Training will be interactive and provide the knowledge necessary to ensure basic compliance with established guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96.
    • This course is designed for fire prevention officers, building inspectors, maintenance personnel and designers.
    • Price includes one Inspectors manual as a textbook per participant and additional handouts and forms.

    Class outline:
    Phil Ackland's Kitchen Systems Inspector Course will help participants understand the fire codes and standards for commercial kitchen systems.
    www.philackland.com for more information.

    Identify components of the fire suppression and exhaust systems.

    Learn how to inspect commercial kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems.

    Many systems are improperly installed and/or maintained. We will show participates how to recognize and in most cases rectify deficiencies.

    Provide guidelines for the industry standard of competency of service providers (exhaust cleaners, fire suppression, water wash hood servicing and other engineered components).

    First day will be all classrom, with a powerpoint presentation with the A-Z of hoods and ducts, critical inspection points, type I & II hoods, NFPA 96, hood cleaners and their responsibilities, etc.

    The second day of the seminar will include inspections of actual kitchen systems and site visits that will be arranged in advance.

    The Outcome Goal of the course is for participants to be able to identify and evaluate common installation and maintenance fire hazards in commercial kitchen systems.

    A paper "Inspection Report" will be provided to the Client on every exhaust system inspected.

    Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion.

    Information and knowledge obtained in this course will greatly enhance your ability to help keep your communities safer as well as responding fire & emergency crews by being able to better identify deficiencies and poor/improper installations and hopefully get them corrected before a fire happens.
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