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Thread: Safety Officer

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsb View Post
    Seems to me if his dept. has problems, they are in the process of trying to cure them. And show me a dept. that doesn't have some problems. Seems to me, maybe he's also the best candidate for the job. Lots of people got put into jobs they weren't trained for but learned on the job and did well. I'd say this guy is on the right track. 20-30 years ago there was no such thing as a safety officer. I'd say congradulations were in order, rather than a bashing....
    Thanks John!!! I was wondering where the love was for a brother!!!

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    Let's all agree that no one or no department is perfect.

    (S)elected position are little more than a popularity contest and should be done away with. But until compentency based testing comes to every department that is not going to change.

    It would appear that based upon NFPA 1521 you are not qualified for the position of safety officer or NFPA 1021 qualifications for fire officer.

    However it also appears that you are trying to do the best that you can given the situation.

    I would agree with most of the previous posts. Find out the expectations of your chief. I would also reference NFPA 1500, 1521, and 1021 for starters.

    The choice is yours, but get trained to job properly.

    By the way I am a state certified Fire Department Safety Officer, however my department does not agree, instead we go without one.
    Whatever, that is an administrative and command desicion.

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