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    Default Pay it forward for our returning Iraq war Vets/Troops

    Our troops are returning from Iraq. I know when I returned from Desert Storm a gentlemen and his wife did this for me and I have been doing it ever since.
    They paid for my dinner and said Thank You for your service. You would not believe how much that meant to a 21y/o kid readjusting to civilian life.
    Since that day have bought a drink or dinner for WWII, Korean war, Veitnam Vets and Troops just returning. Sometimes thanking them in person or sometimes just letting the waitress know to tell them Thank You from another Vet. So they know we appreciate their sacrafice and that we are one.

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    When I was traveling from Ft. McCoy, WIS to Camp Roberts, CA in 2009 I had something similar happen to me. I was in an airport during a lay over and stopped in a restaurant to grab some chow. When I went to pay the waitress said my tab had already been paid. I asked who and she said they wanted to remain anonymous. Considering what we went through as GI's it was a nice, simple but very much appreciated thank you from those we serve.

    It doesn't matter if you buy the troops a pop, a drink, a meal or simply say thank you it's appreciated. The military is in a lot of ways similar to the fire service. You do your job day in and day out and it's easy to feel that people don't care. These simple reminders make all the difference.

    Train like you want to fight.

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