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    with generous support from

    “BIG LIFT U”
    (Heavy Lifting University)

    Saturday & Sunday February 25/26, 2012
    CCCC Emergency Services Training Center
    3000 Airport Rd.
    Sanford, NC 27330

    You will face very challenging yet realistic scenarios including, concrete mixer vs. smaller vehicle in ditch, fully loaded TT trailer overturn onto an auto, full size RR tanker underride, inverted patient removal using air cushions, school bus overturn down embankment, and multiple overturn/underride situations! The focus will be the effective use of air bag rescue systems (high, medium, & low pressure) and strut/cribbing support. During this training you learn how to safely move several thousand pound vehicles/objects and how to stabilize them. Are you ready for serious extrication training?

    The featured presenters are among some of the best available, including:

    *Kevin Cieciorka, Wreckmaster 6/7A Grad & Hvy. Recovery Operator
    *Billy Leach, Jr., Developer of BIG RIG RESCUE™, Wreckmaster 6/7
    Grad, Crosby Rigging Trainer
    *Capt. Robert Morris, FDNY Rescue Co. #1, Special Ops Command
    *Matt Szpindor, FDNY, Squad # 1

    This program will feature two intensive days combining classroom and HANDS-ON learning. An extensive reference handout will be provided to each attendee.

    The hands-on training offers challenges to small teams in a time compressed format, similar to everyday responses. It will be both mentally and physically challenging! Each team is expected to develop a plan of action and execute that plan within a specified time period. Should the initial plan prove unsuccessful, the team is expected to develop an alternate and continue the mission. Careful planning, critical thinking, utilization of classroom learning, and prompt plan execution will be paramount for success. This is beyond entry level training, and attendees should possess previous knowledge and experience in vehicle extrication.

    DON’T DELAY! This course will fill quickly!

    For registration information, please contact:

    Joey Shue, Fire Rescue Training Director
    Central Carolina Community College
    Emergency Services Training Center
    3000 Airport Rd.
    Sanford, NC 27330

    Telephone: 919.777.7778
    Email: jshue@cccc.edu
    Fax: 919.777.7769

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    If you guys have never taken this course I would highly recommend it. Paratech equipment is top notch and so are these instructors. The training is good and the props and vehicles used are excellent. I took this course and would do it again in a heartbeat to gain more experience with particular rescues.

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