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    Default Upgrading Headlights

    Curious as to what depts are putting in for upgraded headlights in trucks. We currently have the stock sealed beam lights in our 4 Spartan engines. I thought about suggesting maybe we look at upgrading 1 or 2 trucks and try out some brighter lights but I'm not sure what is out there.

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    My suggestion would be to look into Hella conversions, this model will fit the vast majority of Fire apparatus using a 4 headlight system:


    They are much brighter then stock units even when using the stock wattage bulbs and best of all, they use a replaceable bulb so when they burn out, you need to only replace the inner bulb and not the whole housing. You can get brighter then standard bulbs for them as well. The internal bulbs are easy to find at almost any auto parts store. They are not some odd special order bulbs.

    LED headlight conversions are nice looking, but the cost is so high that they will never pay for themselves in bulb replacement costs.

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