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    Default Labor Dispute Staffing

    Hello all,

    Has anyone heard of anyone or been them selves employed by a Labor Dispute Firefighting Staffing company? I found a job posting for one but am leery, because of what it does. The representative said it is when oil refineries have union labor disputes and need personnel. I know this is being a scab, I don't need to be told that. I am a union construction worker and it is slow times. What they do is make a list and call you up short notice. Which currently I am out of work so I would be available. I know this is a touchy subject, but any useful information would be appreciated.

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    After posting the same thing does not seem like you are going to get much of an answer

    Maybe since you are out of work give it a shot

    Hopefully they will train you, or give you a water hose and tell you let the one on fire burn. But wet down the house next to it, unless you want to run into a burning building?????

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