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    Default What is you generator and cord setup?

    Been wondering about this one for a while. Around here hydraulic generators are mostly only found on the ladder trucks, with the engines carrying gas powered portables, most 4-5,000 watt rated.

    On my volunteer department we run Honda EM5000S generators. We also use Tempest electric ventilation fans. Like most, we keep 2-3 portable 500 watt flood lights on the truck as well.

    My question is this: what does everyone run for cord setups? I would like to come up with something along the lines of a leader cord that can split to power the fan and 2 scene lights if need be, equalling about 4,000 watts total. Looking at 12G cord with regular "household" plugs, it is coming in right at 2,000 watts rated or so.

    Any ideas are appreciated!
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    100 ft -10 gauge cord (manual reel) with a 6 way junction box and I reccomend twist locks with several pigtail adaptors (twist lock to standard prong) close by. I have seen several junction boxes with small amber (pilot lights on them ) help keep you from kicking them.

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    Basically identical to yokel's, but we have electric rewind. Our newest engine and ladder on the career department have 10Kw hydraulics with a reel off each side. Vollie department has the same type of generator, but a single reel.

    All of the above have the Akron junction boxes attached to the end.

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    We have been operating with Twist-Loks since 1959. Evolved from portable gas (2 cycle) generators to current set-up using hydraulic generators on Aerial, Heavy Rescue and the last 2 engines. 200 ft. power rewind reels using 4 wire - 10 ga. split the 220 volt into the distribution box (cube with indicator light) Lots of T-L to house current adapters for powering drills, saws & lights. Most equipment has 3 prong T-L's This arrangement will also allow a 220 volt outlet set-up if it is needed. #10 is good for 30 amps, at limited distance so try to keep your loads limited to 6 KW (27 amps per side) or less. We have had some problems with GFI's due to capacitance between the ground/box and earth ground in damp conditions and long stretches.

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    Our new engine at the volly house is going to have two 240V 12/4 cords mated to an 8kW generator. This will allow us to have a twist-lock on the end of the cord, mated to a 4-way junction box. In the highly unlikely event we needed to run 8 electric items at once we'd have the capacity to do so.
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    See Slack's reply.

    Our light rescue has a 5KW Honda and a single powered cable reel.

    There are four 110V scene lights on the truck - the front pair permanently mounted on extendable poles, the rear pair are on removeable tripods. All are wired to the generator, which is permanently mounted on a slide out tray.

    We also go with twist-locks and a plethora of pigtails, going in both directions, in case we end up having a power source with standard plugs.
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    Older engine has 8k diesel generator with 100' 10ga wire. On end is 3 outlet connection.

    Newer engine has 15k hydraulic generator with 100' 10ga wire. On end is 4 outlet junction box.

    Additional hand reels on each engine with more cord.

    All plugs are Firepower. They are submersible and have had that happen quite a few times.
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