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    Does anyone know a web site that has all the differant turnouts materials tpp and heat limits information to campare each of them? Something for a fast reference instead of having to go to each manufactors web site for all the information. I have it a few months ago but can find it again.
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    I'm not aware of a site like you are asking about off hand. I'd recommend getting the info from the manufacturers because they will likely have the most up to date information on the available products. A third party compilation site may not be as current as you'd like.

    I'm assuming that you are looking at specing new TOG since you are trying to gather this information. Keep in mind also that you can't just look at the individual numbers for each part - outer liner, thermal liner & moisture barrier. To get the most accurate figures for what you are most likely looking for, you will have to look at various combinations of the three. Each layer works in conjunction with the others rather than independent of each other and can produce a synergistic effect regarding these figures.

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    Here is an old Morning Pride spec sheet that has the info on THL and TPP for different material combinations. It starts around page 6. This data may be applied to any manufacturer using the same material combos.
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    Try the mill's website- is one.

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