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    Default volunteer departments around Springfield IL?

    I was wondering were some departments are around the Springfield IL area?

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    Try a Google search on that subject and you shall see some...
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    There are several good departments in the area. I grew up near there and am now on a dept about 20 miles NE of Spfld. Where do you live? That's a good place to start as most have residency requirements.

    Sherman, Riverton, Williamsville are all good departments near Spfld. I've worked with them all at one time or another and from what I can tell are top knotch.
    Rochester also has a department although I've never worked with them. Chatham I think is a paid department. South is Auburn Girard and Virden and I don't know them at all, smaller departments. West is pleasant plains.

    If you have any more questions about the area email and I can fill you in with what I know and give you names of the contacts if needed.


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    Most of the departments in Sangamon County (around Springfield) require you to live in the fire district. Sherman, Riverton, and Rochester have made exceptions to this before, and maybe Dawson, but most seem to be pretty strict about it. Are you moving to the area or already living in the area?

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