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    Default Written Test followed by Agility -- Attire?

    Just a quick question regarding attire...

    I am scheduled for an 8am written test followed immediately by an agility test at 9am. Has anyone else had back-to-back tests like this, and what have you done for attire? My plan is to overdress for the written, then change for the agility. Thoughts?

    This is for a volunteer position in a combo dept, where the volunteers go through the same sequence of hiring as paid: Written, Agility, Board, Background.


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    Wear something comfortable for the same testing. No sense to wear a suit or the like to take written test and then have to change to jeans and a pull over for the agility that same morning.

    I'd wear something that looks good, but functional for the agility as well.

    Save the suit and tie for the interviews.
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    I think this is for my former department. I'll have to give a call to find out.
    Dress to impress.

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    You might consider keeping a change of clothes in your car. You may have a chance to go out and change your clothes.
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    Not them. But similar scenario it sounds.
    We had guys who had completed their physical agility to then have their oral board soon after that did a quick change into their suits. Even though they were still sweating, it made an impression that they were willing to do so.

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    When we have done this I usually advise the applicants to dress comfortably for the agility. They generally have a second opportunity to dress appropriately for the interview.

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