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    We are a small rural dept. 100% volunteer only doing about 20-25 calls per year mostly medical assist.No requirement to go on calls.The only attendance requirement is make at least 1 meeting every 3 months. We have 2 meetings per month business and training.The officers strongly suggest if your going to miss a meeting miss the business meeting not the training. If a Firefighter is missing a lot of meetings an officer will have a talk to the firefighter to see if there is a reason for not attending.We usually get a 75% or more turnout at most meetings so we must be doing something right. Having good training ideas make it better for attendance. The political stuff in the business meetings make it worse for attendance. Most calls we get 1/3 to 1/2 or more of the Firefighters so that means usually 10-15 guys show up.From time of page to en-route is less than 5 min for most calls.Since we are volunteer the only "orders" the officers give are on the fire ground. Otherwise we strongly suggest or ask our members to do tasks and help. It seems to work for us. The members that dont participate just seem to fade away and if they do show up for a call they are not assigned any critical task.
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    We have set minimums, they are explained clearly to every applicant. If you don't make your points, you're going to (eventually) be removed from the rolls. That said, you really have to be a lazy SOB to not make your min requirements. We have drill every week and 12 business meetings every year, have to make half of those. We got ~900 calls last year, minimum call requirement is 10%. If you can't make a 1 call every 3 days I think we can get by without you.

    That said, we have guys that are lazy SOBs and manage to just sneak by every year. And I'm not talking about the crusty vet that's put his time in, some younger guys just seem to have an entitlement mentality. Can be a little frustrating but those guys have little respect around the firehouse.

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    The timing of this thread and a Phone Call from an old friend this morning is unreal....... My friend, I'll call him "Joe" (not his name), Started out as a Junior member in a VFD where I worked as a Daytime Driver about 35 years ago. He was still there and still active when I got transferred about 5 years later. He got married and moved to a different County, and joined the VFD near his new home, and I'd see him from time to time at Motorsports events in the area. He called me today to ask about Volunteering in my VFD, sine he had reached the point where he couldn't keep up with the demands that his VFD was placing on the membership. After listening to his explanation of what his current department wanted, and his excuses why he could do it, I had to break the news to him that he wouldn't make it at my place either. Our expectations are somewhat larger than his current VFD, and we stick to them. At least around here, the days of just being a member and popping in for a bit when you feel like it are over. At the same time, we're proud of the fact that the folks that we're putting on the Apparatus are better trained than ever before, and the amount of people hasn't fallen off. Does making sure new applicants get the full story about the committment needed take more effort on our part?? Sure.... But we do it to make sure they know what is expected, and that saves us more headaches later....... The Times are changing, and we have to keep up......
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    Spencer, sorry took so long to respond to your question. I was agreeing with the comment from fryed up about members not wanting to meet standards being established in the fire service. Notice I didn’t say volunteer fire service, because my paid department is going thru the same problems with members not wanting to meet any standards. I have more support from my volunteer departments on this topic. The organizational standards established by fire departments should reflect what NFPA has in place. For example, the fire departments organizational chart should start at the chief and work its way down the ranks to its firefighters. That chart should reflect NFPA 1001 training standards. The chief should have to meet those training standards and not someone who has just been in the department for a couple years with no training background. NFPA 1001 would also go in conjunction with NFPA 1710 or 1720 by having enough trained firefighters available to respond to fires within the established time frame. So, I was stating that the standards should be in place for litigation purposes, but in reality the standards set by fire departments should be in place for its members, so that the members responding to just about anything possible are trained properly so they can return safely from each event. I Hope that explanation clears up what I was referring to.

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    I work for an 100% Vol dept in FL. Last year we ran over 1600 calls and this year were over 500 already. because of the high call vol we have to have a min. of 6 FF per shift everything staffed 24 hours everyday. Our shifts are 8am - 6pm and 6pm - 8am you have to do 2 shifts aweek no less. so if someone lives far and the pulled a 24 that counts as 2 shifts. at all times you must staff 2 engines and a tanker we also have a truck and if we have enough ffs on that shift we'll throw 2 on there. the requirements should be based on the area you protect. but i do believe TRAINING is a MUST on a regular you miss enough and your out!
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