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    Default Which one to choose?

    Got my job offer from a steel corporation ($41,000 to start) as a firefighter/emt, contingent upon passing background. In about a week or two, I'll possibly have an interview, with a city fire dept., for same position, about the same pay. The city job was contracted out to another city to provide fire/ems via an emergency financial mgr, with a 10 year contract. Both cities combined would have a Run Rate of more than 10,000 runs/yr. 80% of that will be EMS calls... Definitely, experience will be the strength. However, job security is guaranteed with the steel corporation.

    I will in up taking the steel corp. job (for job security)... However, it sure would have been nice to work city firefighting, in which about 2000 fire calls would be coming your way.

    I guess I'm fortunate to have had these job opportunities come my way... I wish everyone reading this, much success and prosperity. Education is number 1.

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    What about retirement? This may also influence your decision. While it may not be too important today, you will be amazed how fast time flies. Congratulations on your success. And I ABSOLUTELY agree about the importance of education.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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