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    Default Keiser University or American Military University

    Does anyone have some person experience with either one of these school. I am trying to get my AAS in Fire Science and it is important to me that the school be regionally or nationally accredited. Both of these school have what I am looking for but I was curious if anyone had some advice on whick may be better that the other?

    Thank you!

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    I cannot really compare the two since I have only been in American Military University. But my time at AMU has been good I just finished the certificate in fire science and now I am about 7 classes away from my AAS. I like how classes start every month it really works well with my deployments and training.

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    as long as you make the grades you can move up regardless of where you start from

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    Are they accredited like any other name brand college??

    Do the hours transfer to a name brand college, just call a local college and ask

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    I don't know anything about Keiser, but I do know that American Military University (which is a part of the American Public University System, along with a sister school called American Public University), is regionally accredited. Regional accreditation means that your credits will be recognized by every university in the US. National accreditation alone is not as good. A degree with only national accreditation would be recognized for federal jobs, but not by all private employers or all other universities.

    When I was a policeman, I was really struggling at the local state college. I had to miss class every time I got a subpoena, and my professors were not willing to be very flexible. I ultimately ended up finishing my international relations degree online at APU. I had excellent professors with real-world work experience in the field, and I learned more there than at any of the brick and mortar schools I attended. It also cost less than even the public universities in my area, and worked well with my hectic schedule. My B.A. from APU enabled me to qualify for a Fulbright fellowship, which is allowing me to attend graduate school with full funding. I fully recommend their programs, especially for working adults who need more flexibility than brick and mortar schools are willing to provide.

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