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    Default Hello from California

    Hi my name is Corey and I am a part time Fire Education Specialist.

    On the side I volunteer with the California Cadet Academy. We are a residential summer camp for high-school aged students who are interested in becoming Firefighters, Police officers and Emergency Medical Technicians. Cadets who attend the Academy are trained in fire science, law enforcement and basic first aid (CPR certificate issued). The cadets are exposed to interactive scenarios that allow them to safely experience what Firefighters, Police Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians do on a daily basis.

    Our Program is designed to motivate an interest in education and develop vocational skills as a guide to the future. The Academy is a paramilitary environment with a high level of discipline. Cadets wear uniforms, follow a strict Code of Conduct and become part of a team.

    We are located in the Napa Valley and use the facilities of a local college campus.

    Hoping to pass on the word about this great program!!!


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    Corey, welcome to the threads. As a fellow Calyite (only because I live here, my heart belongs in Texas and Virginia) there is a ton of knowledge that is shared here.

    I read about your program. Any chance it comes from the Youth Emergency Services Camp that we have here in So. Cal.? I used to be an instructor for the local YES Camp and know it's a great program.
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