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    Default Applying for the first time.

    Hey everyone,
    I've been on here before and posted all sorts of different topics but this time, I'm actually applying. I am applying to a small department hoping to get a bid at the job after I test come February. However, as I am going to tell nothing but the truth, I am a bit worried about how they will react to some of my answers. I am turning 20 in 19 days, so tossing a few back with the guys on the weekend still isn't quite legal for me, so if they ask me this wouldn't be an automatic disqualifier? I have no criminal record at all and had maybe 3 drags, puffs, if you even call it that, of marijuana ever in my life which was all my sophomore and jr year of high school (sophomore in college now). I am just starting to wonder if I should make the drive to test/interview with these two things on my mind. I just feel like it would be an automatic disqualifier. Any thoughts?

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    No from what I have heard as long as you are honest about it on the poly test.

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