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    Default Health Exam question

    Good evening,

    I have a serious question and worried about it. Through out my whole life I have suffered from Anxiety and Depression and was place on an Anti Depressant due to a chemical imbalance in my system. I have been fine since being placed on a medication, never once thought about hurting myself or anything of the matter, and went to the very strict Medical exam to become a volunteer here in the SE and they stated it was fine. But with scoring in the top 10% over my last 4 tests and 2 of which I have health exams coming up for would this possibly not allow me to get the job. It's one thing I have worried about more then ever since I started testing, and concerned I will be unable to obtain the badge I have dreamed of. Can anyone give me some insight please on this matter.



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    Hey Tom! I started a similar thread because I was in a similar sort of situation, and unfortunately only had one reply. I'm not an expert, that's why I was looking for advice also, but I would say to just be straightforward and hopefully the departments will look past it and see that you are great for the career. Let me know how your upcoming exams go!

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