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    Default Firefighter 1 & 2 training schedules for VFDs

    Currently our department requires volunteers to obtain firefighter 1 & 2 certification. This is usually done with in-house instructors over about a year and a half.

    I know that some departments do this with their volunteer recruits with a much more compressed schedule and manage to get through the training over the course of a few months with the use of several training nights a week and a full day each weekend.

    If your VFD, especially any of the larger suburban departments, uses such a schedule and has it posted on your website, I would be interested in seeing a link. I want to gather some examples to show our department leadership.

    I think that it is much easier to get new volunteers to commit to a rather short time period of intensive training rather than one that requires less time each month but stretches on for what seems like forever.

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    In Maine, in the region that I'm in, in house FF I&II is rarely offered in house if at all. FF I&II is usually offered through the county chief's association with FFs from all over the county. They run once a year in the winter. I live in a more suburban area of Maine. It used to be that FF I was offered all around but it has become more regionally centralized. Our department and a few around us offer the BLS minimum for interior certification (a.k.a. Basic Fire School) if there are enough people who need it. The FF I&II class that I am in has around 30 people, is on Monday and Wednesday nights from January to late May and has full day Saturdays from March to late May. We aren't far into it, but I heard it can be like a part time job. One of the things you might consider if its an option is basic fire school. Its around 60 or 70 hours, is completely skills based (no exams, just a live burn at the end), gets the students interior qualified, isn't as much information people new to fire service have to process all at once, and is good prep for FF I&II. Granted this is what I have heard and seen because I have not taken it, but many people on my department have because that is all their schedules allow. We run them during regular trainings, with the exceptions of a few Saturdays, which doesn't make it so difficult to carve time for.

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    We do FFI & II, HazMat Ops, Mayday, and Basic Pump Ops from the first week in July (or January) to the 1st week in December (or June). 2 nights a week and almost every Saturday. This includes holidays off and only 1 class the week of Thanksgiving.

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    We are fortunate to have all of our training provided through MFRI. FFI classes are usually held spring and fall and sometimes a course during the summer. If memory serves me right, FF1 takes about 3 months, going 2 nights a week for 3 hrs a session. There are also about 3 or 4 weekend practical classes. I know that with that schedule you can usually get a FF1 class and Haz-Mat Ops during a spring or fall semester.

    MFRI also offers classes during the day at some times, usually as part of the cadet class (high-school vocational class).

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    Usually FF1 and 2 are offered through the technical colleges here in Wisconsin. The only exceptions to that ae the very few FDs that have become accredited state training centers and can run these courses within their own department.
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    Almost all training in my area goes through Bucks County Community College / PA State Fire Academy or Luzerne County Community College / PA State Fire Academy. Bucks County hosts classes throughout the different counties and sends their instructors to different departments to teach the classes.
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    We're getting ready to start a FF1 class in late February which will end in early May. It will be Mondays and Wednesdays (1830-2230), and almost every Sunday (0800-1700). We'll give HazMat Ops after a 1 week break, and then follow it with a FF2 class that will follow the same schedule.

    We offer these classes at least once a year and rarely are they not filled to capacity.
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    We don't do the FF1 or FF2 classes in house. Members take the at one of the nearby county fire academies. Usually they're two 4-hour evenings plus 8-hours on Saturday for I think 4-5 months each. It can be like a part time job but it also forces guys to take it more seriously
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