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    Default Rescue test Dept. Sop

    hello everyone
    i'm looking for copy's of dept. testing standards for a Rescue officer or rescuer that promotes to the rescue position if your dept. has anything like this please let me know i'm looking for testing standards manipulative portions

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    We don't have a department proficiency test. I think that our TRT officers and firefighters keep on each other enough that such testing would just be overkill.

    Our county has stood up a regional swiftwater team, combining several county agencies into one team. This concept does not make much sense to me. During a flooding event all the individual department teams will be busy in their own jurisdiction and not able to respond as a county anywhere.

    But the county swiftwater team has a proficiency test.
    -150m free style swim
    -150m free style with PFD
    -50m swim with victim
    -10 minute tread water
    -1.5 mile walk with 55lb backpack timed (I think 20 minutes or something)
    -able to construct a haul and lower system
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    thanks for your help your always a big help the test is for the Rescue Officer position in the dept. working on putting a test together for for new opening coming up soon, just try to get a feel for what other dept. have done in the past.

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    In the past the only proficiency that our members had to pass was in order to drive. In addition to the EVOC class and drive time, candidates had to perform various vehicle extrication techniques, demonstrate and describe limitations of, etc the air bags and other asssorted rescue tools.

    For the past year and a half, I have been working with our Chief and a small committee to establish a rescue program so we have a standard. We call it the "Squad Technician Program". Most of the training is done in house as we have a plethora of instructors qualified in various disciplines. This has helped even those instructors as one may have been trained in Ropes but not Water Rescue, etc. The Squad Technician Program encompasses Vehicle/Machinery Extrication, Advanced Stabilization, Water/Ice Rescue, Rope Rescue, and we are looking into trench and confined space. All of these disciplines are things that we either deal with regularly (example- extrication and water rescue) or things that we have a great risk of responding to. We are one of the only heavy rescue squads in the county and one of the best equipped but no one has a standard to qualify their members with, so we decided that we could become an asset to the rest of the county if they needed to call us for assistance.

    Our testing process requires a practical test that involves multiple extrication scenarios (on 4 wheels, on its side, and on its top), water/ice rescue, winch operations, fireground operations/RIT, and multiple rope scenarios. Then there is also a written test that has over 100 multiple choice, fill in the blank, and scenario based questions that involve operations, SOG/SOPs,
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    We don't have any testing procedure for the rescue but there are prerequisite courses that need to be completed prior to being considered.

    HAZMAT Tech
    Confined Space Tech
    Building Collapse Tech I & II
    Water Rescue Tech

    Members of the rescue are encouraged to attend Trench, Extrication and an Advanced Ropes and Rigging courses, but are not currently required.

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