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    Default Pardoned Prisoners

    Okay, so I'd like to avoid getting into a "Was-Haley-Barbour-Right" fight, but just a genuine topic to discuss.

    How would your various hiring processes deal with a "Pardoned" convicted felon? According to news reports these pardons are "full, complete and unconditional." So does that mean that nothing is on their record whatsoever....IE it can't be held against them in the hiring process?

    I'm certainly not saying we want any of these people in our stations...but if one went through the process, would we have any right to deny them based on their criminal history?

    Sorry if this seems extremely clear cut to most.....but I've never been involved in the hiring process (outside of my own) and don't know the legalities behind it.

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    Many background packets and original applications aask the following question:
    Have you ever been charged with........
    The applicant gets a chance to explain.
    Here in California the background process is very stringent, much more than in most parts of the country. Having said that, there are several large departments that are known for a very lenient background process (comparatively speaking).

    Certainly smaller departments would disqualify anyone with a questionalbe background.
    Remember that in the end the fire chief makes the final determination of who gets hired. No fire chief wants to "take a chance" on someone who will reflect badly on their department.

    Gordon Graham says it best, "The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior."

    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief
    Aspiring firefighters.com
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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