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    We received a 2011 grant to replace our supply hose. The quotes are coming in much lower than expected. We will have excess money left. Will we have to use the excess funds to purchase additional hose or can we use the excess money to purchase any firefighting equipment such as gloves, hoods, nozzles, radios, etc ?

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    you can use the first $5000 for any firefighting equipment authorized for the grant year, without AFG approval....any excess funds over $5000 has to be used for training or fire safety programs AND has to be authorized by AFG.....go to the program guidance for more details

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    Default Were in the same boat

    We were in the same boat since we bid out hose replacement as a whole (went to all LDH), we got much better pricing when the dealers saw the volume of what we were going to order. With the funds left over, we put together an ammendment for some KNOX boxes that we could "loan" to shut-ins and disabled folks to help us access them much easier in an emergency. We included an evaluation process to qualify for the box, a fire education program and safety inspection when we deliver the boxes, and an inventory and mapping process to keep track of the boxes. Was a lot of work for a few leftover dollars, but a great PR and safety program for the department and FEMA. It is like writing another mini-grant, but well worth the effort to use all of the funding available.
    Joe Fireman

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