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    Does anybody have any experience with the online program Anna Maria offers for Fire Science. Any feedback will be appreciated!


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    While personally I haven't really dealt with them. I have a couple buddies in the program. They all say it is a lot of work. Three of my friends are in the Bachelor program and one is just starting the graduate program.

    It all depends on what you have prior to enrolling. They are in the market to make money, which I don't blame. I have heard that they will short change people for credits. If you have prior college credits or life experience credits tell them you want them towards the program, and be firm.

    That said; They shortchanged my buddy (offered him 60 credits), he declined (he had a previous BA in Criminal Justice from Northeastern) they called him back (after he said he wasn't going to attend) and then they offered him 90 credits.

    That raised a couple flags for me, but it is all what you put into it. I heard they do have a good program, and they are both regionally and nationally accredited (I believe). So it all depends on your situation.

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    I am graduating with an Associate in Fire Science this June and looking to continue my education to a bachelor level in fire science. I am looking for the flexibility of an Online program, as I am already working full time. If you have any other colleges you can recommend, please do so. I would be interested in any online program that meets or succeeds the requirements for Fire Officer and be able to obtain that certificate through the school. I am leaning more to Anna Maria because of the class schedule and the ability for a Masters degree too.
    Once again, thank you for taking the time in providing me with some feedback about the school.

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