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    Default Chief's interview ratings/scoring

    No, this is not the typical "what should I expect for the Chiefs interview?"

    My question to the forum is, after a chief's interview, what are the ways/methods that candidates are scored and ranked? What if the interviews are held over multiple days- are the highest rated scores from each day chosen to move forward? Or do they wait until all interviews are done?

    Thank you.

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    YOu don't want to waste any opportunities.

    Everything is open when you enter this phase of the hiring process. Keep in mind that the chief and his staff are trying to find the best qualified candidates who will (and this is big) fit into their culture. You could have the best credentials and experience but if you can't relay that in the chief's interview you will not see that badge.

    Talked to a candidate who had made it to a few of cheif's interviews and didn't make the cut. Hard to believe becausee this candidate was a navy seal medic. Problem was he was a clone of everyone else. He got a new game plan using his own personal life experience stories no one else could tell. On one of his new answers he took the panel on a navy seal mission at night in Afganistan. When I heard that story the hairs stood up on my arms and neck. I asked him if that was classifed? He said no. Have you used it before? No, do you think it has value? Yep!

    He nailed his next interview and a week later was invited to the chief's interivew. The phone was ringing when he walked into his house. It was the chief offering him the job. Yes, stories get badges.
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    I will answer the question that you asked......

    The answer is it depends on how many are interviewed and how many the department is planning to hire. I have been involved conducting chiefs interviews for over 200 people (we were hiring a class of 24). We ranked each candidate immediately following the interview. Those who scored in the TOP group were moved on to backgrounds. Those who did not score in the top group were put back into the A Band with 1700 of thier closest friends.

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    Depends on dept hiring procedure and how many are being hired

    Chief talk may be the last step and he says without and ranking I want those five and send letters to the rest

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