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    Default Make office or storage room of room with emergency exit?

    Can you look at this plan of office and tell me if last room marked with green can be converted to office?
    In California fire inspection said it cannot, it does not make sense to me, can you explain logic behind it?
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    Youmight get more repies in the right forum...

    I don't have a code book in front of me but both IFC and NFPA would prohibit it because you can't exit through an occupied space -- particularly when the occupied space is a higher hazard (kitchen). If there's already been an inspection, the inspector should be able to cite exactly why it's prohibited.

    Of course, if that's the whole building, you may only need one exit anyway. (It would depend on what code you're using.)

    BTW, occupancy load is typically calculated by square footage -- not by how many people are assigned to a space so you're numbers are probably a little off on the low side. (Not that it makes much difference in this scenario.)
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    What does this have to do with 9-11?
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    Sorr i did not know i pust in wrong forum...

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