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    Our department is exploring the idea of charging a fee for services on a per call basis. Give us some feedback or ideas.

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    I was looking into this for my volunteer dept. also. Rumor has it that the city dept neighboring mine bills for extrication on mva's whether its a simple door pop or heavy extrication, although I'm not sure how they do this. My dept. also runs a ambulance so we can benefit from third party billing but when I spoke to our billing company about the idea of billing for services (extrication, etc) that it was illegal, but it was however possible to bill for equipment used, and was given he example that if we were to use foam on an mva, we could bill the patient for foam used.

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    If you will both tell me where you are located I can give you a rundown on the legals for your State and some pointers as to how to get started. I run a billing service handling over 750 depts. and would be happy to help out!

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