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    Default Indoor Rock Climbing

    Hey guys anyone here do indoor rock climbing?

    I went for the first time since I was about 13 last night. Had a blast. Found alot of pluses to it too.

    Now I have taken a few different physical tests. In the end every one of them had one thing in common at the end my forearms were on fire. I have been looking for a good forearm workout for a while now to fix that and nothing really worked. The burn I felt in my forearms with this I think I found that workout finally which will help improve grip strength.

    Also I used to have an issue with heights. I know I am not the only firefighter that has/had this issue. I have climbed 24ft ladders 75ft ladders to 110ft platforms. Last night and when I climbed the 110ft platform is when I realized I am finally over that fear. If you have a fear of heights this is a good way to help you with it.
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    Did a little indoor rock climbing last year because of a groupon. I agree it is a good work out, saw a couple other firefighters doing it too. Was a blast, and certainly a good work out.

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    I do this regularly in a nearby city. The Gym I go to may be small, but its a blast! Good tunes, great workout, bring friends! prepare for fingertips to bleed lol.
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    Yes, it's lots of fun! We have at least 2 indoor rock gyms here in Austin, both run by the same company, Austin Rock Gym, so you can get a membership that includes access to both. The north one is just for bouldering (free climbing, no ropes, not real high, with pads to fall on), and the south one is for both bouldering and roped climbing with some walls that are somewhat high. Great places to make friends and organize for outdoor climbing trips!

    Also, good training/conditioning for search and rescue.

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