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    Hi All,
    In the tail ends of starting a new FD Venture Crew. I'm currently a Scoutmaster, former Explorer Post Advisor while a Career FF/EMT/FPO/FTO.
    Question for anyone. Any suggestions for where to go for, preferably, free used turnouts? Have looked around and don't see alot of them around. And yes, I know the used stuff is probably not current NFPA compliant but scouts don't need it, based upon their limitations of activities.
    Thanks for any help

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    We had our chief send out emails to all the fire chiefs he knew and asked if any departments had any gear they could donate. Also, ask your chief to talk to your state's fire chief's association to send out newsletters or fliers asking for gear donations. We got almost all of our gear donated that way.
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    Try going to a college or a career center that offers a Fire Science course, they should have some extra laying around...

    Also, try going to a fire service equipment distributor, and ask if they have any old trade ins, we sell gear, and do a donation program were they trade in some of there gear and we donate it back out.


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