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    Every line officer and civil position in my dept is by vote and subject to approval by the commission. The term of office is 1 year however the tradition is to serve 2 terms in each position. For line officers, you start at the lowest Lt. and move up every 2 years. Just to get to 2nd asst. Chief takes 8 years of officer experience. To be eligible to run for an officer you must meet certain qualifications. This has worked out well for us. The department is large enough that no one clique is large enough to cram their buddies into office. And for the most part everyone takes it seriously enough to put aside personal issues and vote for who they feel is the most qualified individual.

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    All of our elected officers (firematic officers and administrative officers) have some type of minimal qualifications (i.e. training and length of service). If anyone meets these qualifications, they can run for an elected office by either putting their name on the "slate of candidates" or running from the floor. We also have 2-3 positions appointed by the chief (engineer, safety officer, fire police captain) that also have some minimal qualifications. Long story short, if you meet the quals, you can run for office. If anyone wants a copy of our bylaws, PM me.


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    My organization is VERY small when compared to most:
    3 Fire Commissioners are voted in by the public,
    they then hire the Fire Chief,
    who hires and promotes everyone else; secretary, AC, DC, BC, FFs......

    Promotions aren't always earned, but sometimes they are well overdue. In the end, it all comes down to the Fire Chief. Someone earlier said if there is bad blood amoung line officers it trickles down....I agree! But for an organization with 3 full-time Chiefs and 1 full-time Firefighter what did you expect???

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