CCJA Firefighter Recruit Academy
(Open Enrollment)

Date: April 10, 2012 – May 1, 2012 (4 Weeks)

Time: 9am-6pm

Location: Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy 1380 Central Park Blvd Suite # 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

Cost: $5,000.00 (This does not include SCBA or PPE and Books)

Coordinator: Charles A. Williams NFPA Fire Instructor III / Fire Officer IV

Registration: Call (540) 322-3000 or e-mail

Books: Brady Essentials of Fire Fighting and Operations, 5th Edition
ISBN-10: 0-13-515111-2 ISBN-13: 978-0-13-515111-2

Program description:

This course is designed for the individual who desires to become a certified firefighter
the courses covered are:

Firefighter 1 (NFPA 1001)
Firefighter 2 (NFPA 1001)
Haz- Mat Awareness (NFP 472)
Haz-Mat Operations (NFPA 472)

The course is approved by the State of Virginia, which is recognized by the National Board on Fire Service Professionals (PRO BOARD). During the Academy, students will sit for the Virginia state test, which is administered through the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. Upon successfully passing the exam, the student would be eligible to apply as a Firefighter in any state of the United States.

The course is taught, while following strict NFPA Firefighter I and Firefighter II standards. This program is an intensive four-week “Boot Camp.” An experienced staff of instructors will work with each student until they have mastered each skill.

After completing this course, students may also successfully accomplish a Virginia/National recognized EMT-B medical training program to apply for certification. We offer the nationally recognized “EMT-B” program to our fire academy students. The “EMT-B” course must be purchased at time of enrollment in order to receive the course for $1,000.00. This is a separate course.

Benefits to this course:

• Excellent training by an unsurpassed staff of Professors and Instructors.
• Boot Camp – students will master their skills and build the confidence needed today as a firefighter.
• Flexibility – Keep your current job and go to Boot Camp during your vacation.
• Become certified right out of High School because students can start their course while still in school.
• Earn college credit at numerous institutions who accept Firefighter certificates as prior learning credit.
• Build your confidence because you would have gone through a comprehensive and complete training program.
• Have the job that you love and have always wanted.
• Open Enrollment

PPE and SCBA can be purchased or rented from the Academy. For more information or to register for the course please contact:
Charlie Williams or Tom Perroni @ (540) 322-3000 or at

Nowhere else can you find more comprehensive firefighter training and emergency services instruction than with Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy (CCJA). CCJA offers high-quality emergency response training and instruction in more than 100 specialty areas.

CCJA has been providing unsurpassed training for emergency responders since 2008. Today, CCJA trains emergency responders from all 50 states and 5 countries each year.