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    Hey guys, I was curious as to if there is a regulation or standard out there that states that any EV "should" be maintained by a EVT or someone else with "X" experience. My fire department just recently did there DOT inspection and gave the inspection to company A while they gave the maintenace to company B. Company B doesn't have any real previous experience working with EV's and I believe they only got it because of the member being in our fire department. And if we do take it to company B and something goes wrong while responding to a scene injuring someone or causing some damage can the department be held liable for not having there EV maintained by the appropriately certified company.


    **EDIT** After doing some more research I have found NFPA 1071 showing the standard for EV maintenance.
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    I see you found the standard, but I'll provide my perspective for what it's worth. It all depends on what type of maintenance you are talking about. We take our vehicles to the best shop for the job. We go to certified engine maintenance shops for engine work. We go to someplace that deals in commercial trucking for tires and brakes. If it's associated with the pump or unique to the engine, we go to the apparatus manufacturer's shop.

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    I agree, having your vehicle maintained by an expert mechanic and the right people will cost you less worries knowing that your vehicle is in good hand. But recently, I read from an article that when you go in for an oil change or basic tune-up, your mechanic may offer an engine flush. Motor flushes are among those services that are offered much more frequently than they are really needed. Source of article: The basics of an engine flush.
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    Default nfpa 1911

    NFPA 1915 was merged and replaced by nfpa 1911. A 2012 edition is available to read at 1911 requires technicians doing service, repair and testing to be qualified to NFPA 1071 Standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications. Basically that standard lists the knowledge and skills to be an emergency vehicle technician. In the annex there is a chart that shows the EVT certifications and ASE certifications that could help the AHJ determine the technicians qualifications by which area of the apparatus they are working on. You can also read that standard at, select codes and standards, then type the document number on the right side and click on read button.
    Hopefully this helps, I am a NFPA committee member on 1901, 1911, 1917 (new ambualnce standard) and the chairman of nfpa 1071.
    Stephen Wilde

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