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    Yea we got an email a couple weeks age informing us that we need to up date our information. we took that as a positive note but we didn't want to bank on it until we received the official email.
    We were very happy about that email after the let down going for a previous grant two years in a row for extrication/ rescue tools. Those were purchase through town funding. it was a hard sell due to timing of Town meeting and the award notifications. But, the sale was made and things worked out in the end for us to update what we needed update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximI View Post
    Some interesting facts. We call it a "common occurance" here in Vermont.

    Total AFG $ awarded so far in 6 rounds: $107,032,036
    Total AFG $ awarded to the State of Vermont: $142,500.00 (1 award)
    Awarded to: The Capitol of Montpelier (hmmmmmm)

    The $$ awarded to Vermont = .00133% of the total awarded so far.

    This is our 4th year in a row applying for around a measley $50,000.00 and still nothing.

    And before anyone says to use a grant writer....we have been.

    I think the whole AFG thing has gotten off key. Just sayin'
    Vermont is not too far from NH Kurt Bradly is coming to Eppint NH in April! 40% of the Nh awards are to Kurt's students.

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    Sorry about that but congratulations anyway!
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
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