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    Default Cornbinder vs Freightshaker ??

    We need some expert or experienced help!
    Our VFD truck committee is working on specs for purchase of a new tanker on a commercial chassis. We’ve narrowed it down to International and Freightliner. The Chiefs dilemma is the new emission systems, EGR VS SCR. Generally speaking, as a tanker, this unit would see service on most of our calls, as a water hauler or a traffic barrier, thus a lot of prolonged idle time. There may be sporadic use in relay pumping mode. I have limited knowledge on the different systems, but am concerned about intensive fooling around with the SCR/urea mess, vs. what I understand to be a “gas and go” EGR set-up. I totally do not know how the Re-gen cycle will effect day to day functions. Statistically, this truck will run a call about every three days and in reality, we will not be able to give it drastically different maintenance attention.
    The help we need is, pros and cons for the different trucks, emission systems and any other relevant suggestions. No sense in “reinventing the wheel”, look forward to all advice and benefiting from those more experienced.
    Other info 750gpm 2000+ tank tandem axle.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default International thoughts

    We have a 750 gpm pump w/ 2000 water on an International 7600 with single axle. It uses EGR and we've had no issues with it. If it does go into a regen cycle, you have the option to inhibit it and do it at a later time. Ours is an "09" and it only runs a couple times a month, therefore, it hasn't even done a regen yet! I checked with our dealer, he says this is not uncommon for it to go this long without one. We're very happy with our choice.

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    It's no big deal, the truck will tell you when to re-gen. If you have an SCR system it will tell you when to add Urea. Which ever way you go you will have the diesel particulate filter. In my opinion you need to let those things come up to temperature so they don't load up with soot. Kind of like when you see a cars exhaust with water coming out, short drives and not running hot enough and long enough eat up mufflers and catalytic converters.

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    Here's a thread I started on the same topic.


    I did a lot of research and we're trying to get our board to use an International (Freightliners are cheaper). The emmissions package that International uses seems to be what everyone else is trying to get to. The DEF is a short term solution and all indications are that it will be obsolete in a few years.

    I don't know how long you keep a piece of apparatus, but in our case it's 30+ years so we don't want technology that isn't going to be useable after several years.

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