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    Question Disaster survival education question.

    Would it benefit Emergency responders if people had the raw skills, confidence and ability to weather a disaster and take responsibility for themselves. We're talking large scale Katrina disasters. Would it relieve stress on the Fire Dept.? Shelter System? FEMA?

    What are you thoughts? I know this guy teaches tampons in this video but I think he does more to prepare people to take responsibility for themselves in a disaster. He's the only one I know do this kind of thing.

    Constructive, intelligent comments please.


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    Yes it would help and he is not the only one. There are tons of internet and real-world survival (wilderness, urban, disaster) "experts" out there passing along their info. In fact, Les Stroud (Survivorman) did a TV special on disaster, urban survival last year or so on Discovery.

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    Absolutely freakin' YES!!

    A few things I noticed during Katrina, the rural population was doing fairly ok. Their biggest problem was fuel. They had trucks and equipment, but needed fuel. Many people in rural areas are used to having to go it alone for a bit. No problem there.
    In the city, the means for people to take or themselves from evacuation to supplies is right there, they just don't know how to take care of themselves, their so used to someone else doing it for them. (Like some people we know?)
    I think first aid should be a required part of a high school education, make it part of health class. Along with that, basic survival and life skills such as fire extinguisher, fire safety, how to turn off the water and electric, etc. Yeah, I know this would cost a little money, but I think it would also save governments money in the long run by not having to deal with people's day to day minor emergencies.

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    We teach a 12 to 16 hour Rural CERT class just for this reason. In a large scale disaster, it is quite possible that some areas of our district may be inaccessable for awhile.

    If you are interested in the cirriculum, contact me at bcallahan@bpfd1.org.
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