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    Quote Originally Posted by FireMedic049 View Post
    While it's true that the reaction times for controlling the flow may not be exactly the same, it shouldn't be that fare apart. A good pump operator should be able to make the intake and discharge connections at the panel and still maintain control of the deck gun's flow.
    Agreed. I was picturing a situation where setting up the water supply took the operator away from the panel temporarily.. like hitting the hydrant with the pony.
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    Quote Originally Posted by len1582 View Post
    A For Sale sign doesn't mean the house is vacant. I see many signs and there are still people living there.

    I have to disagree. A line going interior, especially if there was a considerable amount of fire on arrival, should have a backup ling stretched. I would have a 3rd line, 1 3/4", pulled. It would back up the first if there was considerable fire on the first floor or branch off in another direction if there were several rooms involved. If there was fire on the first and second floors it could go above, hit some fire and begin searching. If not immediately needed the crew could just stand by off to the side with it dry until they know exactly what they're dealing with.
    If this frame building is balloon construction it's not unheard of to have burning embers drop down into the basement (if there is one) and start a fire there. And since fire will also travel up there could very well be extension above. Even if not showing on the 2nd floor it can shoot up the bays between the studs and ignite in the kock-loft* or attic.

    *have to spell it that way or it gets deleted.

    Yes it is. I was only trying to say that the line to hit the porch fire should not go in with out someone with an operating hose taking control of the porch.
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    [QUOTE=len1582;1316964]A For Sale sign doesn't mean the house is vacant. I see many signs and there are still people living there.

    This is true. It may an indicator that the house is vacant. I wasn't there. I didn't see toys in the yard, on the porch, cars in the driveway either. The video was when it was well involved, so we couldn't see if curtains were at the windows, the shades drawn or lights on inside the house.

    Also not sure if joe doaks from the local tv outlet knew any more than he was trying to report on.

    As a tactical view the use of the deck pipe was in order. the hand line could have been deployed faster.

    End of critique.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ffmedcbk1 View Post
    does anyone else think that there needs to be a line kept at the porch to prevent reignition?
    Definitely. That kind of hits my point of a few guys standing around with no packs on. Where all that fire is coming out on the porch is directly over their line. A couple of guys with a trash line and a hook would be a good thing. Perfect job opportunity for a couple of those guys that aren't otherwise occupied. That porch probably has some substantial framing in it, but you never know how much rot or termite damage might be going on. There's always the possibility that there could be a collapse of the porch roof. Remember to protect your egress points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF View Post
    There are probably some who couldn't spell "fire" if you spotted them the F-RE.
    Can I buy an "A" please??

    Seriously, I think the knockdown with the deck gun was a good one. Won't always work in every situation but it did in this one. I agree that it seems there is a bit of confusion at first but they got it together pretty quick. God knows we have had some confusion in the past at our fires. It looks to me like maybe there was fire in the first room there, maybe not. that's why it came back so quick I think.

    The idea of breaking off 50ft. of 2.5 doesn't make sense to me. By the time you pull that off, break it, and hook it up, the deck gun can already be going by opening the valve and aiming. I like to work smarter, and easier too. That to me seems more work than benefit.

    But, there is never just one way to skin the cat. By coming here and having discussions, either colorful or vanilla as you like, you still learn from it. Now maybe the next fire they go to the deck gun would harm the situation?
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    Most tank to pump supply valves & pipes are just 3 inch and will only allow 500-600 gpm flows. Those departments that spec 4 inch, or larger, or even dual tank to pump supplies will be able to achieve flows closer to the gun's capacity.

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