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    Default Powerpoint Training

    I am looking for some awareness level powerpoints in ( Trench, Hazmat, Confined space, Building Collaspe, Farm Rescue, Rope and Water Rescue, Animal Rescue, Big Rig/Bus rescue, Boating Operations, Radio Communications.) im trying to get my whole department up to speed in at least awareness level on everything we do. so that they are cert. in house.
    Powerpoints can be more advanced than awareness level.

    1st LT

    You can e-mail me @ Jf1265@gmail.com

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    I have some of these powerpoints, but the question is, who will be teaching? Do they know what they will be trying to explain in the slides? These aren't everyday subjects you are asking for that anyone with a basic class can explain.

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    i will be teaching the classes. im a instructor in extrication, bbp, evoc, vkf. also im a fire instructor 2

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    Here's an outfit that has a wealth of training material. I don't know if they'll sell you their Powerpoints per se, but they do develop training materials. They may also do some on-line training programs developed just for your needs. Here's their web site:

    Emergency Response Training by All Hazards Training Center

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