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    Default training powerpoints

    I am looking for some awareness level powerpoints in ( Trench, Hazmat, Confined space, Building Collaspe, Farm Rescue, Rope and Water Rescue, Animal Rescue, Big Rig/Bus rescue, Boating Operations, Radio Communications.) im trying to get my whole department up to speed in at least awareness level on everything we do. so that they are cert. in house.
    Powerpoints can be more advanced than awareness level.

    1st LT

    You can e-mail me @ Jf1265@gmail.com

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    Awareness program for machine rescue (industrial entrapment) at www.ers.msu.edu

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    Find your area rep and tell them you'd like a review copy of the book b/c you're looking to do your own in house program. They'll send you a copy for free. If you like it (which I think you will for most of what you're looking for) then you can buy the "class room package" that get's you 20 books & the instructor materials or bargain with the rep for what ever you need.

    Give the rep your "laundry list" of topics and see what other books they recommend and get review copies of any of those you are interested in as well.

    As to your need for Farm Machinery - contact your local agricultural office - odds are they have or know where to find a good program on farm machinery. Also take a "field trip" to the nearest farm equipment dealer and take a look around, talk to the mechanics about what/where the major hazards are on each piece of equipment.

    Good luck on your quest.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    LSU's NFA trade


    search your terms like extrication, rope... etc.
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