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    Default 2012 New York Fire Exam Prep

    Below you find information for preparing for the 2012 New York Fire Exam. This exam prep focuses on the most important part of the exam,
    the "Background Information Survey Examination". This is where the ballgame will be won for your exam !! Good luck

    Assistant Chief Brent Collins, Cleveland Fire Dept.
    Firehouse.com Entry Level Contributor Author since 2002

    Don McNea Fire School has prepared hundreds of applicants for the New York Firefighter Exam test consultant, PSI, with extremely successful results. Our applicants across the country continue to finish in the top percentile and move on to the next phases of the hiring process.

    This 2012 New York Firefighter Examination Preparatory Package includes:

    Background Information Survey Examination - This will be the key to your New York Firefighter Examination! The Background Information Survey exam measures your views on work-related situations and behaviors, including attributes such as conscientiousness, handling work pressure, getting along with others, integrity/trustworthiness and other areas.

    Applicants are failing this type of examination across the country at a rate of 40-60%! Why is that? Because the number one failure on this type of examination is not knowing what information the examiner is looking for in this type of examination format. 99% of the New York Firefighter applicants have never taken an exam like this.

    In our Background Information Survey Practice Examination, we also identify major personality traits and characteristics of a successful firefighter and we address specific reasons why candidates with excellent credentials are failing these types of exams.

    Our Background Information Survey practice examination contains over 125 questions. With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations that put you in the mindset of what the examiners are looking for in top-scoring applicants. Don't go into the examination unprepared for this very important aspect of the New York Firefighter Exam!

    Remember that your score on the Background Information Survey exam will be extremely important in determining your placement on the eligibility list and whether or not you become a New York Firefighter!

    This exam prep will separate you from the anticipated 71,000 applicants for this exam and put you in the top percentile to be hired by the New York City Fire Department!

    In addition, we have put together 200 practice examination questions and test-taking strategies specifically structured for the New York Firefighter Examination's following testing subjects:

    Reading Comprehension
    Information Ordering
    Basic Arithmetic

    We have included test-taking strategies for the video portion of your examination. You will also receive our top-scoring test-taking strategies that have been developed by our experts and the experience of thousands of our students who have taken the same examination format that you will be taking.

    This exam prep package also includes our top-scoring physical agility strategies that have been developed by our experts to help put you in the best physical condition over your competition.

    Exclusive State of New York Fire Department Watchlist and our Watchlist of the Top 150 Departments in the country (includes department names, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information).

    Go to the link below for additional information on the New York Exam prep. Good luck !!

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    The background isn't pass/fail anymore? CPAT is also pass fail. Stop trying to capitalize on guys trying to get OTJ.

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    I'll actually endorse these guys. I've used their product before for other departments that use the CPS test with positive results.
    $50 for their package is more doable compared to the highway robbery of a couple other options. That and they state they have actually worked with/experienced PSI.

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