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    Default Help with Air Force decision.

    I am currently a fire protection major at a communityl college. I was told by my FP teacher to join the military, then take the class if neccessary. I want to join the AF for fire protection. I've talked to several recruiters but I want a non-recruiter opinion. If I go DEP and wait for an opening for FP how long do you think it would take. I know someone here has to have experience somewhat close to my situation. If I cant get FP what else should I join for. Something medical wise because I live in MA and a lot of dept.s around here are EMS based. Or should I just join for whatever just to get my veteran status and help me out on the civil service. I have been wanting to join the military for a long time any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by JParisi48 View Post
    Or should I just join for whatever just to get my veteran status and help me out on the civil service. I have been wanting to join the military for a long time any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    1. Drop down to the Federal/Military Forums and ask your questions there (which are asked once a week, every week.)

    2. Enlist in the United States Military because it is the most patriotic thing that you can do to repay your forefathers and the millions who have given service to give you the freedoms that you have, and because you want to. (It appears so.) NOT because it will pad your fire service resume.

    3. USAF Fire Protection is a highly sought-after rate. I bet lunch at Hooters for a month that no recruiter will make an effort to sign you for it, even through DEP, unless you stand your ground and force them to do it. Even then you could be waiting for a while. Your ASVAB scores better be off the charts, because with all of the cutbacks under Nobama, all branches of the military will be getting pickier and picker and rightfully so.

    Head down to the Military/Federal forums and look around, I bet answers to your questions have been posted multiple times.
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    do you eventualy want to be on a city dept?

    If so that is what your focus should be, and get the certs needed to apply

    as far as how long it would take to get on af ff, good question, since the gov wants to slash miltary again

    also af firefighting is that for the air force as in planes, yes they have buildings but most are sprinkled and the prevention program is much easier to enforce, so the fire incident is low

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    Any military firefighter will have a slow job for the most part even if you are able to get one as active duty. All military firefighters go through the same school no matter what branch. You'll get Firefighter 1-2, Hazmat Awareness and Ops, and ARFF certs from the school, which I might add is in the western part of Texas. I have been a Military firefighter for over 6 years and never seen a real fire or been deployed. Join the military because you want to do something that is looked as a patriotic thing to do, if you just want the vet points then you are going for the wrong reason and I don't want you as a brother in Arms because remember you are a SOLDIER FIRST then your MOS (JOB) second, at all times! Not to mention Vet Points are not a guaranteed that it will get you a job. Your Interview and testing will get you the job and the extra points will just help that cause!

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    Old wooden barracks and other such buildings are rapidly disappearing on most posts/camps/installations, so, as mentioned, the fire load on most installations isn't great. Automatic alarms, MVA's, and medicals (if the department does them) will make up most of your responses.

    If you catch a busy airfield, you'll see a little business - mostly declared emergencies for some malfunction on an aircraft.

    Some installations work very closely with their surrounding communities - that's where you'll see most of your fire activity.

    I would opine that you'll see more "municipal" firefighting with USAF than with the Army, which tends to deploy its military firefighters and leave the posts to civilians.

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